What Shall I Do if I Created Two Accounts at an Online Casino?

What Shall I Do if I Created Two Accounts at an Online Casino?

A user unintentionally created two accounts with an online casino using different email addresses. The first account was opened but never used, while the second account, created ten minutes later, has funds waiting to be withdrawn. The user is concerned about whether the casino will discover the existence of both accounts and if this could be perceived negatively, possibly affecting the withdrawal of funds.

Summary of the Problem

  • Dual Account Creation: The user inadvertently created two accounts at the same casino within a ten-minute span.
  • Primary Account with Funds: The second account has funds awaiting withdrawal.
  • Unused First Account: The first account was never used and was forgotten until recently rediscovered.
  • Concerns: The user is worried about the casino discovering both accounts and interpreting this as a violation of terms, potentially impacting the withdrawal process.

Possible Resolutions

  • Proactive Communication: Contacting the casino's support and explaining the situation might be beneficial. Requesting the closure of the first account due to it being a genuine mistake could be a reasonable step.
  • Honesty and Transparency: Being upfront about the mistake, especially if the casino is reputable and understanding, could resolve the issue. It might help if the first account had no activity and no sign-up bonus was claimed on both accounts.
  • Wait and See: The user might choose to wait and see if the casino notices the two accounts. However, this approach carries a risk if the casino later interprets this as a deliberate attempt to breach their terms.

Recommendation: The safest and most ethical approach would be to contact the casino support, explain the honest mistake, and request the closure of the unused first account. This proactive measure demonstrates good faith and may prevent any misunderstanding or complications with the withdrawal process.

ETHPLAY is an example of an online casino that addresses the challenges faced in the scenario described above. Unlike traditional online casinos, ETHPLAY does not require Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. This feature significantly reduces the complications associated with account verification and identity confirmation. Moreover, ETHPLAY permits users to create an unlimited number of accounts. This flexibility can prevent the issues of unintentional multiple account creation, as there are no restrictions on the number of accounts a user can hold. Such a system can be particularly advantageous for users who wish to manage multiple accounts for various reasons without the risk of violating the casino's terms of service.

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