What gambling sites use MetaMask?

Several online gambling sites support MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet. MetaMask is particularly favored in the online gambling community for its ease of use and security features. It allows users to interact with Ethereum blockchain directly from their browser, which is convenient for online gambling. Blockchain-based decentralized gambling applications (DApps) often use MetaMask for interacting with their smart contracts.

Additionally, ETHPLAY is a well-known online gambling platform that uses MetaMask. To play at ETHPLAY using MetaMask, simply locate your Ethereum wallet address in the "Deposit" section on our website, and transfer ETH from your MetaMask wallet to this address. ETHPLAY also facilitates the payout of winnings to MetaMask. For withdrawals, copy the address of your Ethereum wallet from MetaMask and use it as your withdrawal address at ETHPLAY.

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