Does Borgata Online Casino Require Verification?

Does Borgata Online Casino Require Verification?

Borgata Online Casino, a trusted Atlantic City casino brand, earns a high trust rating of 5/5 and is licensed and regulated in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It offers a comprehensive gaming experience with over 1,000 online slots and casino games, all rigorously tested by gaming regulators for fairness. The casino is known for its robust customer service, consistent payouts, and use of encryption to safeguard personal information.

Verification at Borgata Online Casino

Account verification at Borgata Casino is a mandatory process required to comply with New Jersey online gaming regulations. The aim is to verify players' age and identity to ensure they are eligible to gamble. Here's a summary of the process:

  • Required Details for Verification: Players must provide accurate registration details including Name, Date of Birth (DOB), Social Security Number (SSN), and current residential address. These details should match those on the player's Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Online Verification Process: Borgata Casino attempts to verify these details online. If this process is unsuccessful, players are required to upload specific documents for manual verification by the Customer Care Team.
  • Verification Time Frame: After submitting the necessary information, account verification typically takes between 24 to 48 hours. Additional inquiries during this period may lead to delays.
  • Additional Resources: Borgata Casino provides a video guide to help players understand how to upload documents for account verification.

Documents for Verification:

  • If you have a US Driver’s License or State ID Card, you can use it to verify both identity and address.
  • Without these, one identity document (such as a Passport, Passport Card, Military ID, or Permanent US Resident Card) and one address document (like a Bank/Savings account statement, Utility bill, IRS tax notification, Tenancy Agreement, or Mortgage/home loan statement) are required.

Borgata Online Casino Verification Issues

Several users have reported issues with Borgata online casino, particularly regarding withdrawal delays and account verification processes. A user, after winning $5400 at blackjack and completing all verification steps, was unable to withdraw their winnings due to ongoing account verification. Despite providing extensive documentation including ID, passport, photos, bank statement, and credit card, they still faced delays.

Other users shared similar experiences, highlighting slow processing times for withdrawals at Borgata, especially for initial withdrawals. One user, after several calls and emails, eventually received their funds. The general sentiment suggests that Borgata is slower in processing withdrawals compared to deposits, with some users perceiving this as a tactic to encourage continued wagering.

Advice from users includes threatening to file a complaint with the regulatory authority to expedite the process. One user did report eventually getting their issue sorted but remained uncertain about their account's verification status. Overall, the experiences reflect a common frustration with the slow pace of withdrawal and verification processes at Borgata online casino.

Borgata Online Casino No-Verification Alternatives

ETHPLAY emerges as a compelling no-verification alternative to Borgata Online Casino, addressing the common frustrations faced by users regarding slow withdrawal and account verification processes. Unlike Borgata, where players report delays despite providing extensive documentation, ETHPLAY offers a streamlined experience with its Ethereum-first approach, eliminating the need for cumbersome verification. This key difference caters to players seeking faster access to their winnings and a more efficient online gaming experience, making ETHPLAY an attractive option for those looking to avoid the verification hurdles often encountered at traditional online casinos like Borgata.

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