Does DraftKings Casino Require Verification?

Does DraftKings Casino Require Verification?

DraftKings Casino, a prominent US sports betting and casino gaming brand, boasts an impressive trust rating of 5/5. It is licensed and regulated in five states: New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Connecticut, offering a secure and reliable gaming experience. The casino features over 800 online slots and casino games, each rigorously tested by gaming regulators to ensure fairness. When it comes to payouts, DraftKings Casino recommends using affiliated in-state casino or sportsbook locations for the fastest and most reliable service.

Verification at DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino indeed requires verification from all of its users. To verify your account on DraftKings in the US, follow these steps:

  • Information Required for Verification: You must provide your full legal name, physical mailing address (no PO boxes or commercial addresses), date of birth, and Social Security number (SSN).
  • Identity Verification Process: Your ability to deposit, wager, or withdraw funds will be disabled until your identity is verified. DraftKings has instructional videos available to assist with this process, including creating an account, scanning ID, uploading documents, and understanding what an SCID is.
  • If Identity Verification Fails: You will have one additional attempt to re-verify your information if there is an error in the information provided. If the automated verification process fails, you should contact DraftKings at for assistance.
  • Uploading Documentation: After successfully uploading your documentation, you will need to enter your SSN. If SSN verification fails twice, DraftKings’ Customer Support team will conduct a check and reach out to you directly. The Customer Support team will review your document and inform you of the verification result via email.
  • Unsuccessful Document Uploads: If your identity remains unverified after all attempts, you will have the option to upload an identification document. The information entered and the associated documentation will be reviewed, and a DraftKings Player Advocate will contact you with the verification outcome.

DraftKings Casino Verification Issues

There are several users experiencing issues with account restrictions and identity verification delays at DraftKings. The common theme is the frustration over the lack of timely responses and the inability to access funds or place bets. Here are some key points from the shared experiences:

  • Extended Verification Time: Users like u/CalmNefariousness995 and u/Spiritual_Example_80 report delays of 10-11 hours, and even longer, for account verification or response from DraftKings after submitting the required documents.
  • Additional Documentation Requests: Some users, including u/alreadydead_666, faced requests for further documentation, such as proof of ownership of linked cards or purchase of prepaid cards.
  • Restrictions on Account Activities: Users report being unable to access their funds or place bets during the verification process. This has caused missed betting opportunities, particularly frustrating during major sports events.
  • Customer Service Challenges: Many users express dissatisfaction with the customer service at DraftKings. Complaints include slow response times, unhelpful generic replies, and no direct callbacks despite requests.
  • Suggestions for Alternative Sportsbooks: Due to these issues, some users are considering switching to other platforms.
  • Unresolved Cases: For some, like u/Time-Lengthiness5252 and u/Serious_Community938, the verification issues remain unresolved for an extended period, leading to increased frustration and consideration of abandoning DraftKings for other services.
  • General Sentiment: The overall sentiment among these users is a mixture of frustration and disappointment with DraftKings' handling of verification processes and customer service, prompting discussions about alternative betting platforms.

DraftKings Casino No-Verification Alternatives

ETHPLAY presents itself as a no-verification alternative to traditional online casinos like DraftKings Casino, offering a unique Ethereum-first anonymous gaming experience. ETHPLAY guarantees anonymity with no need for identity verification during gameplay or withdrawals, contrasting with DraftKings' verification process. Players worldwide can access ETHPLAY without restrictions, and the use of VPNs is allowed. ETHPLAY ensures swift withdrawal approvals, avoiding the delays often seen in traditional payment methods.

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