These Terms and Conditions, effective as of December 1, 2023, govern your use of the ETHPLAY Website (“Website” or "ETHPLAY"). By using the Website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


The English language version of these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence in the event of any discrepancies with translated versions, if any. Translations of these Terms and Conditions are provided for convenience only.


ETHPLAY reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions as needed. The Casino will make reasonable efforts to inform players of any significant changes where possible. However, it is recommended to regularly visit the Terms and Conditions page to check for any updates.


ETHPLAY accepts players from all countries and geographic regions where cryptocurrencies are not prohibited. Players are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and adhering to the gambling laws and regulations specific to their jurisdiction before engaging in betting activities on the Website.

ETHPLAY accepts only adult players, with the minimum age requirement being 18 years. Additionally, players must meet the age criteria set by their local jurisdiction for eligibility in online gambling. It is the player’s duty to ensure compliance with any legal age restrictions for online gambling in their area.

ETHPLAY maintains the right to either temporarily or permanently block the account of any player who engages in abusive or insulting behavior. This includes the use of verbal threats, humiliating remarks, racial or sexual slurs, or any other form of scandalous statements directed towards the Live Support staff or any other employees of the Casino. In such instances, the affected player is required to withdraw all funds from their account within a 72-hour window.


ETHPLAY enforces a strict anti-fraud & anti-money laundering policy. ETHPLAY has the authority to block the player's account for an investigation period of up to 3 months in instances where a player is suspected of engaging in fraudulent activities, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • collusion with other players,
  • devising unfaithful winning strategies,
  • using third-party software,
  • committing fraud against other online casinos or payment providers,
  • making threats or blackmailing the Casino,
  • or other forms of cheating.

If ETHPLAY has reasonable grounds for suspicion, it may immediately terminate or suspend the player's account without prior notice or liability and retain the funds in the player's account. Such decisions are made at the sole discretion of ETHPLAY management. Additionally, ETHPLAY retains the right to report the player’s fraudulent activities to regulatory bodies.

To mitigate criminal activity and address situations where a user's intentions do not align with gambling, or if a player's behavior suggests attempts to conceal blockchain transaction trails, ETHPLAY will initiate an investigation. In such cases, ETHPLAY reserves the right to retain the funds in the player’s account.


The minimum withdrawal is: 0.005 BTC / 1 LTC / 0.026 ETH / 500 DOGE / 100 XRP / 50 USDT. The maximum withdrawal amount for a player is set as follows:

Coin Per Day Per Week Per Month
BTC 0,05 0,1 0,3
LTC 30,00 100,00 300,00
ETH 0,8 2 8
DOGE 15.000,00 50.000,00 200.000,00
XRP 5.000,00 10.000,00 50.000,00
USDT 3.000,00 10.000,00 30.000,00

These limits apply to all transactions processed for an individual player, with the exception that deposits withdrawn within the same day are not factored into the withdrawal limit and can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Withdrawals are processed in accordance with the blockchain network times specific to each cryptocurrency. Should the requested withdrawal amount surpass the limits of a specific payment system, ETHPLAY will process the amount in installments.

In the event that a player is found using multiple accounts, we hold the authority to impose the withdrawal limit as an aggregate for all associated accounts.


Players should be aware that gambling on the Website may result in financial losses. ETHPLAY is not liable for any potential financial damage incurred as a result of using the Website.

ETHPLAY implements robust measures to safeguard players' private data against unauthorized use, disclosing it solely to entities engaged in delivering gambling services via the Website. Nevertheless, ETHPLAY does not assume responsibility for how this information is subsequently managed by third parties, including software providers or affiliates. The processing of players' private data by these external parties is governed by their own terms and conditions.

ETHPLAY and related parties:

  • Do not warrant that the software or the Website is fit for any particular purpose.
  • Do not warrant that the software and Website are devoid of errors.
  • Do not warrant uninterrupted access to the Website and/or games.
  • Shall not be held accountable for any type of loss, costs, expenses, or damages, whether they be direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or of any other nature, arising from or connected with your use of the Website or your participation in games on it.

By using the Website and participating in games on it, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless ETHPLAY and related parties from any costs, expenses, losses, damages, claims, and liabilities that may emerge in connection with your use of the Website or your participation in games.


ETHPLAY complies with data protection and privacy laws, ensuring the confidentiality of customer information.

Personal Data Collection Practices

  • ETHPLAY collects players' IP addresses and crypto wallet addresses.
  • This data is accessible to ETHPLAY staff, software providers, payment systems, and third parties involved in delivering gambling services, and is kept confidential according to respective agreements and laws.
  • All data is securely protected against unauthorized access.

Safeguarding Player Data

  • ETHPLAY is dedicated to offering secure gambling services, ensuring data integrity and protection against theft, loss, or misuse.
  • The Website uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to secure transaction safety.
  • Special anti-fraud measures are in place to deter financial fraud on the website. Fraudulent activities lead to immediate player account termination.

Privacy of Player's Financial Records

  • Details of players' deposits, winnings, and cashouts are kept confidential by ETHPLAY.
  • This information is not shared with third parties without the player's consent, except as required by law.

Marketing and Use of Personal Data

  • ETHPLAY utilizes player information for marketing purposes.
  • Players can opt out of receiving promotional materials at any time.

Cookie Policy

  • ETHPLAY employs cookies to store user preferences and improve the gaming experience.
  • Players may contact support for personalized privacy settings.

Protocol for Personal Data Disclosure

  • In the event of fraudulent activities such as game manipulation, payment fraud, providing false personal data, money laundering, or using stolen credit cards, ETHPLAY reserves the right to disclose the involved player's personal data to third parties or publicly.

Access and Security of Player Accounts

  • Player accounts are accessible solely with their unique ID and password.
  • Players are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login credentials.

Standards for Secure Payment Processing

  • ETHPLAY partners exclusively with reputable and trusted payment processing providers. This ensures meticulous handling of player deposits and withdrawals, adhering to high industry standards.